Become aware of your thoughts and feelings about PCOS and weight loss.

In my recent Facebook live, someone asked me what are thoughts.

As a physician, I am used to speaking the medical language and I try to simplify it for my patients with diagrams and charts. But as a Life coach, I realized that I need to explain what thoughts are.

Thoughts are sentences in our minds.

We don’t realize it. But once you notice them you realize how fast they come and go. Sometimes we get stuck in some of them, I like to call them thought errors and we keep looping in them.

We have 40-60 thousand thoughts on any given day.

These thoughts produce our feelings, which fuel our actions and that produce our results.

This is a thought model- CTFAR, formulated by my mentor- Brooke Castillo.

C- Circumstance [ a neutral fact]

T- Thought[ simple sentence in our mind]

F- Feeling [ single word emotion]

A- Actions [ things we do, we don’t do]

R- Result [ invariably proves our thoughts]

One can place any given thought in the above model.

The MODEL is always working.

In the case of my patient suffering from PCOS and obesity,

Circumstance– is their diagnosis of PCOS and obesity

Thought– I can’t get pregnant,

Feeling – helpless.

Actions- they keep spinning in confusion and go around looking for help, they try to lose weight using the will power but that doesn’t last, look for solutions online, take expensive medications hoping for a miracle pregnancy, get disappointed, continue to eat junk food to feel better, overeat, binge eat to feel better.

Result– I don’t get pregnant.

When we tell any sentence to our brain , our brain makes it true. In the above case, she is thinking she can’t get pregnant and her brain is ensuring that she won’t get pregnant.

But if I tell you that you have a choice and you can opt a different thought. Then the thought model changes.

Circumstance – still the same PCOS and obesity

Thought – it’s possible I can get pregnant while losing weight

Feeling – curiosity

Actions– you research ways to find the right way of losing weight, decide to stop eating flour and sugar, get all the help to keep moving forward, refuse to spin in negative emotions like a victim, feel empowered, get emotions under control.

Result – I increase my chances of getting pregnant as I am losing weight.

It is difficult to transition from “ I can’t get pregnant” to “ it is possible I can get pregnant while losing weight”.

It is a subtle shift in the mindset, which can produce a lot of difference.

That is where I come in.

I help you go from where you are, to where you want to be.

Are you ready to lose weight?

Have you made up your mind to take control of your PCOS and obesity?

If you have, let me help you.

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