Can we correct PCOS without medications?

PCOS is a by product of INSULIN RESISTANCE. 

Not everyone is insulin resistant. By that I mean, those who are insulin resistant will always have a tendency to put on weight, if they eat excessive processed foods. 

This is a lifetime issue, which needs a solution which can be used for life. 

Our current diets are loaded with flour and sugar. Any food item that is made with ANY flour, like wheat, rice, grains, almond, quinoa, oats etc; it will lead to a higher insulin rise than the food item in its natural form. 

Also, consuming processed foods in shorter intervals in the form of snacks will keep rising the insulin, leading to insulin resistance. 

The best way to cope with this is by no snacking, no flour and no sugar.

This is currently impossible because of our eating habits. And our eating habits are associated with our emotions.

The work is to form new habits. 

New eating habits, where we have food as fuel and not to feel better. 

This is hard work but it is 100% worth it. 

Life and weight coaching has multiple tools which help disassociate food from emotions. 

Focusing on a goal- NORMAL WEIGHT FOR LIFETIME is the way to conquer PCOS. 

Reprogramming our habits while tuning in to our body is the way to go.

And there is no need for medication to do that. 

All we need to do is reprogram our natural hormones and rest will fall in place. 

Medications are for those who can’t achieve lifestyle modification. 

Get started with this new way of losing weight.

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