Can we ever stop emotionally eating?

The number one doubt most weight loss clients face is “How do I stop eating the way I ate in my past and get myself to never emotionally eat?

My answer is ….

You do so by NOT adding judgment.

Is it possible to accept yourself the way you are, in any size or form?

Even after 3 years of losing 25 kilos and being in maintenance, I still occasionally eat out of plan foods or binge eat or overeat or argue with my family around food. I will emotionally eat sometimes after a hard day at work, sometimes to celebrate my free time, or sometimes because of sheer URGES.

The SOLUTION I offer is not a promise that we will never emotionally eat but to discover a capacity to accept ourselves EVEN WHEN we emotionally eat.


Like a kind mom who runs to hold her hurt kid after she has fallen in her face.

Practice the skill of sitting with our JUDGEMENT, while allowing ourselves to be OK with when we eat to feel better.

Allow ourselves to feel BAD and knowing that we are still 100% perfectly lovable and worthy. Knowing that in my orbit I MATTER. Knowing that I will accept myself with all my flaws and still find unconditional love for myself.

Because I CAN.

Even when my mind thinks the world doesn’t agree, I can hold SPACE for myself.

From this place of unconditional LOVE towards ourselves, GENTLY attempt to reroute to structured and PLANNED eating.

Every morning is our opportunity to reprogram our eating patterns. Our relationship with food is deep-rooted and don’t expect it to be linear. 


We will eat healthily for days and then one day we will emotionally eat. This is because we are genetically programmed to seek COMFORT in food.

With AWARENESS we can slowly and steadily reduce the number of relapses or increase the days with no relapse.

And when we do relapse[ and we will] know that NOTHING has gone wrong. It is just an old pattern that happened and we gently RESUME our new patterns.

Food has been such a huge part of our coping mechanism. Now, let’s make food as fuel and learn new ways to cope instead.

Get started by downloading my guide to reprogram your eating.

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