Compelling reason to lose weight.

After having Mia, I had placed CCTV cameras all over my house so that I can watch over her anytime I missed her at work. Unfortunately, what I saw was myself in my worst form.

I did not like what I saw.

I saw me having that miserable sad look. I looked depressed. I had developed this stoop, as had gained a ton of weight and my posture was completely messed up due to exclusively breastfeeding Mia.

It was intolerable for me to see myself in that form.

Also, I couldn’t sleep at night due to the agonizing back pain. After speaking to the experts, I figured it was due to my weight gain and posture.

When Mia was 11 months old, she refused the bottle and I had no reason to express breast milk anymore. That meant I didn’t need to maintain a steady breastmilk supply, as she was already eating solids.

She learned very soon that she no longer needed to take the bottle and milk can come from Mumma directly, when she was home.

That was my ticket.

I told my husband that I was starting the intermittent fast. He was concerned about the breast milk supply, but I was not because I and Mia both knew we were done with round the clock breast milk.

We were ready for a change.

I had 2 compelling reasons to lose weight

  • Correct my posture

  • Get rid of my back pain

Let me ask you what is your compelling reason to lose weight? But before that answer me this, what are your current thoughts about losing weight?

  • It is too hard

  • I will have to deprive myself

  • I can’t starve

  • I live to eat

  • There is only one life

  • I will start eating healthy tomorrow

  • There is no point

  • It is going to take forever

  • I have a slow metabolism

I always called them my excuses to not do the work. I thought I was lazy. I thought I didn’t have the willpower.

But these are just thoughts which our brain comes up with to keep us away from discomfort.

Brain senses losing weight is hard work, a punishment, a long fast, slow death, etc.

Now, remember the CTFAR model we talked about in the previous post, we have an option to chose our thoughts.

The only way to override these thoughts is to have a strong compelling reason.

Every time you plan to do something to get you started to lose weight and are unable to do it, remember your compelling reason.

When you are trying to get pregnant, that is such a beautiful compelling reason to lose weight

  • The sooner I lose weight, faster I see my baby

  • I want to be a role model for my child

  • I want to run behind her when she learns to run

  • I want to be physically and emotionally fit during my pregnancy

  • I want to enjoy my pregnancy

  • I want to eat healthily

  • I want to take care of me

This is a practice.

I run my clients through this thought work in my coaching program.

I always wished to hold my patient’s hand throughout her pregnancy, but as her Lifecoach I get to be there for her emotionally every week in our 1:1 session. I prepare her to become healthy and teach her the tools to cope with her emotions.

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