Happy pregnancy vs Healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey. With both positive and negatives. As a physician, we have a small window of opportunity to help you out.

There are many areas of pregnancy, we have no answers for. Like the smaller problems of pregnancies which can’t be treated much with medications. For instance, nausea, blocked nose, backache, mood swings, frequent peeing, anxiety, etc. These are just a few that I listed.

Pregnant mamas slowly SUFFER throughout the pregnancy with them thinking they have no solutions. And this is layered with their day-to-day negative emotions. 

So many of them would actually use the terms like DIFFICULT pregnancy. As a physician, a difficult pregnancy for me is somewhere the woman was admitted to the hospital for the most part of her pregnancy, or had severe complications, or lost their babies.

But for many of us, DIFFICULT is a very relative term.

And I want to address exactly that. The negative perception of the normal part of pregnancy.

I want to be the person who can help you with every area of your pregnancy. And the reason why I know I can 100% help you in those areas is because I address those issues at a mindset level.

I truly believe and know for a fact that our thoughts create our results and every thought that pops into our brain is OPTIONAL.
I offer you to attend my free webinar on “Happy Vs Healthy pregnancy” on 20/10/21 at 3 pm UAE time.
I will be discussing how we can aim for that eternal bliss not when the baby arrives but all throughout the way.

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