How does commitment show up in our life?

We have created our current result thanks to our commitment to achieving it.

Look around.

Everything that belongs to us is a result of our determination to have it.

We took massive action to get that TV, that bed, those curtains, the house, the husband, children , your job, the money in our account.

We had immense focus, dedication and motivation to NOT STOP until we got it.

We believed that we would do anything to achieve our result, no matter what, even when everything is going wrong.

Unfortunately, there are many things that we want but we lack committing to it.

Because of two reasons.

Either we subconsciously disqualify the thing we want, as not relevant.

OR because we postpone it for later.

This keeps happening everyday, for weeks, months, years, a lifetime.

However, we still want what we want and we keep gathering evidence that WE CAN’T do it, we keep blaming external circumstances for not having the result that we want.

All we need is to flip that approach. Take full responsibility for what we want.

Bring the commitment to what we want NO MATTER WHAT.

That we won’t stop until we get what we want, even when everything is falling apart.

Start by committing to that one thing you want NOW.

And get obsessed with it, until it’s DONE.

Comment below what is that you want today.

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