Kids need to snack, Adults don’t

Children are growing humans.

They play.

They are learning new things constantly.

They need a constant supply of energy, as they are expanding in mass, along with the excess physical activity.

They are constantly learning new skill- mental and physical.

They need a lot of energy.

And their body can handle that level of food intake, adults can’t.

We are not designed for constant snacking, especially on processed food.

Adults have grown to their maximum potential.

After a point, they start growing horizontally.

We no longer need snacks to keep our metabolism high.

Snacking is always an emotional event.

Address why is there is an urge to snack.

If you are someone with PCOS and wish to lose weight- start with NO SNACKING.

Notice the urgency your mind creates.

Observe what comes up when you don’t give in.

Don‘t use will power but bring in the curiosity, as if it’s a puzzle.

Solve that.

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