Normalize PCOS

What does that even mean?

PCOS is recognized as one of the most common endocrine or metabolic disorders in women, ranging from 5 to 10% of women depending on the diagnostic criteria used.

Most of these women would have slightly extra struggles in their lives compared to the remaining 90% of women.

We are already aware of all the presentations of PCOS and I will not be dwelling on that. Here we will be discussing how to live normally with it.

70% of women in developing and developed countries [PCOS or no PCOS] are struggling with being overweight.

Being overweight places a NEGATIVE filter on our mindset.

By that I mean, every issue with PCOS is amplified 10x times.

So missing periods, not getting periods, not fitting in clothes, not able to move freely, having to deal with excess hair growth, acne and acne scar, hair loss, all of it becomes magnified and takes up most of our brain space.

This negative filter is the cause and effect of the suffering in PCOS women.

Our negative thoughts and beliefs cause us to overeat on highly addictive processed food.
After eating them, we continue to gain weight and continue to worsen how we think and feel.

It is a vicious cycle.

Addressing day-to-day negative thoughts and beliefs is the first step towards breaking this pattern.
Once we figure out that there is a way to cope with a negative emotion without overeating processed foods, we break the cycle.
Slowly and steadily we focus our attention on noticing our negative beliefs and then processing them while following a healthy eating plan.

We do this work one thought, one belief at a time

Weight loss becomes a byproduct of cleaning our minds.

With a clean and positive filter, we can look at PCOS as our unique identity and carry one with our daily life.

Once we reach a normal BMI, then we can handle the PCOS effects at a better level.
Acne, hair troubles, period patterns take a back seat and we master the skill of handling any emotion.


I coach PCOS women on becoming aware of their negative beliefs and teach them how to allow and process them.

If you are someone who is done with feeling bad about having to suffer from PCOS, please reach out and book a session to get started.

Let’s be intentional henceforth.

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