PCOS – ACNE – Now what?

Let me start with some medical facts.

Acne is a skin condition that causes pimples to develop due to oily skin and blockage of hair follicles. It is the most common skin disorder among adolescents. There are 4 basic events involved in the development of acne.

1- blocking of hair follicles with sebum[excess oil]

2- sebum glands overgrow due to adolescence

3- an overgrowth of normal skin bacteria in the excess sebum

4- inflammation due to infection or breaking of the pimples.

In most people with acne, hormone levels are normal, but the glands are highly sensitive to hormones. Some girls with PCOS would have hormonal imbalance. It is suggested that acne becomes worse with certain diets and stress.

Also, even those with regular periods would get acne before periods and during ovulation. This is because of high hormones which suddenly drop before periods.

The medical treatment involves skin hygiene, moisturize, use of sunblock, and a range of dermatologist-recommended treatment.

Now let’s step into the DRAMA.

We think it is the PCOS that is the reason for our suffering. We think a medical condition rules our life. We want to blame ourselves or our parents for the genetic trait or the physician for suggesting medications or not helping.

When someone suffers from acne which is painful and might leave scars, it needs medical attention. There is treatment to sort those issues.

The question arises, if this is a long term solution.

Highly unlikely.

Generally, most girls grow out of it. Those who dont, have severe insulin resistance worsening their acne.

Either way being solution focused is the key.

Aim for a long term goal is to have clear skin. This can be achieved by eating healthily to maintain normal BMI. If already normal BMI, then knowing which foods worsen acne will be the main work.

Most girls who suffer with agonizing acne eventually figure out their skin pattern.

So my advise, as a Gynecologist, is to give medication[ hormonal/non hormonal] needed to get rid of the immediate problem.

My advise as a Life coach- NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG. You have a problem and all we need to do is figure out a solution without your mind making you feel like a VICTIM to your condition.

Know your body in and out.

Start documenting your food and the effects you have on your skin. Chart your mood swings, weigh gain around the cycle, menstrual patterns, number of zits on a daily basis.

The best tool doing this is – “planning, eating as planned and assessing every night”. Download my FASTEST WEIGHT LOSS trick to learn the art of doing so[ even when you don’t want to lose weight].

Knowing your body is the only way to feeling IN CONTROL.

Feel in charge of your acne, by having an action plan in place with an empowering attitude.


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