Regular periods is the hallmark of physical well being of a woman in her reproductive years

A woman gets regular periods only when she ovulates every month.

Whenever there is something wrong in her body, the first system to shut down is ovaries.

Weight loss, weight gain, exams, illness, surgeries, any stressful events.

Brain and body thinks it’s not safe to have a baby and stop the baby making process temporarily.

Since the egg is not made, uterus gets confused and sheds its lining irregularly, thereby causing irregular periods.

Hence, a PCOS women keeps skipping ovulation because there is so much insulin resistance in her body that her brain thinks it’s not safe to have a baby and there by stops ovulation.

The solution is weight loss, as it improves insulin sensitivity and corrects LH resistance in ovaries.

Thus PCOS women regulate their periods the moment she loses weight and keeps it off.

Weight loss is not just about losing weight but it’s also about keeping it off.

Emotional eating is the cause of this ping pong weight gain and loss.

I teach PCOS women to lose weight before they decide to start a family so that she can take care of herself and her children, as she has learnt mindful eating.

If you are a PCOS woman or know someone who is, get started by following this

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