Sweet tooth

“I want to lose weight but I wonder why I am unable to stop having sweets.

I am not someone with a sweet tooth, but lately I have been craving sweets like there’s no tomorrow.”

Has this happened to you?

You know in your core that sweets are BAD but you can’t stop having them.

This is because it is made of SUGAR and FLOUR, which produces an intense insulin and dopamine response in our brain .

High insulin causes WEIGHT GAIN and high dopamine produces CRAVINGs.

That’s why you can’t stop having it because it tasted so good the last time and your brain remembers.

The only way to stop this habit is by systematically finding out your triggers that make you eat sweets impulsively.

These triggers are SENTENCES generated by our brain in response to our routine circumstances.

Like “I can do anything after I have my sweets”

It’s a routine sentence that keeps repeating over and over, making you reward yourselves with sweets.

I help my clients discover these SWEET TRIGGERS on weekly coaching sessions in my weight loss program.

Mindset management needs an outsider to get us OUT of our MIND drama, to show us how those SENTENCES are creating our results.

Learn the tools of mindset management and weight loss.

Book a free discovery call to let me help you find your triggers.

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