Victim or Victor

The first line treatment for PCOS is weight loss. As a Gynecologist, this is what we have been taught in medical school. PCOS is an effect of INSULIN RESISTANCE and the solution is to bring down the insulin, which happens with weight loss.

The second line treatment is medications and hormones. They are mainly reserved, if PCOS is causing period disturbances or excessive hair or acne.

If you go to any doctor, they will advise the above. Even now I will tell my patients to lose weight, as that is the first line treatment.

Unfortunately, most patients will take it as an insult.

Just like any woman, who is being called fat by her husband. Immediate knives will come out. HOW DARE SHE SAY THAT?

I get it.

I have been there done that while suffering with PCOS. 

We are a generation who has some form of insulin resistance showing up as PCOS, obesity or diabetes.

We have two options with PCOS.

Either we can feel like a victim or we feel empowered.

Let’s discuss the VICTIM first.

As a victim, we give all our power to the diagnosis – PCOS and maybe the doctor who has given the diagnosis. We blame our metabolism for being overweight, having irregular or no periods, our infertility, our SUFFERING. We blame the doctor for not helping. We blame the system for not having an instant solution. We reach out and buy expensive supplements. We try metformin or hormones and fear the long term effects. We spend lots of money on fertility treatments. We keep spinning in self pity and continue doing things which keep us insulin resistant. Nothing new happens.

Now let’s talk about taking our power back, being a VICTOR.

So the doctor has suggested that weight loss is a known cure, maybe we can try that first. Maybe we take all the help to figure out PCOS, knowing that there is nothing inherently wrong with us. With those beliefs, we reach out to people who can help, take corrective actions, work on a goal of losing weight everyday until we get to our target. We change our eating habits from a place of compassion. We make decisions and accept that certain things are bad for our metabolism. We figure out a way to seek comfort other than in food. We learn to exercise, not to lose weight but to feel better. We learn about our body in and out. The result is that we lose weight eventually. 

Clearly, being a victim doesn’t serve us. It drains us and exhausts us producing all the ill effects of PCOS like heavy periods, irregular periods, infertility etc. 

But taking charge of our situation, actually helps us get pure clarity.

You get to decide. 

Be the victim or be the victor.

Chose a role which serves you.

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