Why is it so hard to get started to lose weight?

I have spoken to many women who want to lose weight but are unable to lose it because of many reasons. They are trying for months and years and each year they keep adding on the weight. They seem to struggle to get started.

Many of them have a diagnosis to justify their inability to get started like PCOS or depression or anxiety or Diabetes. Some have no diagnosis and have labeled themselves as lazy, procrastinator, inconsistent, not motivated, etc.

But the reality is that these are all LIES which our brain is feeding us into “not getting started”. The truth is that our brain senses the work as extremely uncomfortable, and it will do everything possible to stop us from “feeling the discomfort”.

In fact, it will make us take actions that perpetuate our problem. Eventually, getting us stuck in a vicious cycle of gaining weight by doing the same old things which made us gain weight in the first place.

The truth is that our brain is programmed to function in a MOTIVATIONAL TRIAD. The only goal of our brain is to keep us in this motivational triad. It focuses on these 3 things:

1- Seek pleasure

2- Avoid pain and discomfort

3- Keep it easy

So technically, our brain is doing a perfect job at what it is programmed to do. So it will not get us started as it is not pleasurable, is uncomfortable, and is not easy to plan a meal, and follow it. Also, it is not fun to get started on exercising if you want to lose weight.

It is the job of our PREFRONTAL CORTEX, aka adult brain to override this motivational triad to do the hard work. To get to our GOAL. The prefrontal cortex would stay motivated if there is a strong COMPELLING REASON to do so.

So to overcome all these lies that our brain is feeding us, we need to catch them first. A coach helps you do that. A coach teaches you how to be onto your brain. Once we catch these thoughts, we redirect our minds to what we are working on by sometimes having 20 compelling reasons.

There is nothing wrong with your brain.

It is doing a great job at what it is told. It is now the time to give our brain a new instruction manual to follow so that it will use it as default in the future while creating a life that we want.

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