Want to know EXACTLY how to reverse PCOS in 6 months?


I break down the exact steps, and the formula to tell you the truth about what you need to do to reduce your Insulin resistance [cause of PCOS], regulate periods, improve hair problems or get pregnant naturally.

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PCOS women have a lot of misinformation about how to reverse PCOS.


They think it is permanent or irreversible.

I have treated thousands of women suffering from PCOS over 15 years of clinical OBGYN practice. As a typical Gynecologist, I used to tell them to lose weight to correct it and get pregnant naturally. But that rarely happened and they came back to me after a year even more overweight, desperate to get pregnant, and asking for fertility treatment. Unfortunately, that came with its complications like a failure of treatment, overstimulation, IVF, miscarriages ectopic pregnancies, gestational diabetes, and the worst of all they never lost the pregnancy weight.

Most women nowadays feel they are CURSED to have PCOS. They think, “it’s not fair”, “they have to let go of their usual foods to feel like normal women”. But they spend no time doing the things to turn their daily habits into a healthy lifestyle.

This class is a foundation for how to start reversing PCOS.


This has stopped PCOS women from giving up.

It has helped them feel IN CONTROL.

And that’s because it’s completely different from anything they have ever heard before.

I am not a nutritionist and I used the same mindset formula which has tailored my meals specifically to me.

What if improving your lifestyle was SIMPLE?


Anyone can get a surgery done to lose weight or undergo IVF to get pregnant quickly. But those that master this process will always keep their PCOS reversed forever.


  • Simple steps you need to do every day as a foundation
  • How to eat what you love and eat that regularly
  • Know thoughts you are having about the way you ate before and the way you want to eat henceforth
  • Why you should NOT wait to reverse PCOS and everything you will need to get started today.

How my Personal Experience helps YOU!


I decided to change my habits when my daughter was 10 months old. But by this time I had already suffered repeated infections, infertility, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and growth restriction in my baby. All things that PCOS women are at risk of.
That is when I decided to focus all my efforts on helping PCOS women to reverse their insulin resistance before they started to have their families.
I learned the simple, basic way to eat and eat what was the easiest and kindest to me and my body.
I built a healthy lifestyle quickly because I focused on simple strategies that work.

And I will teach you those same strategies
– so that you can get started NOW.
– so that you start feeling in control quickly.
– So that you can understand what to do in simple terms instead of trying to follow strict diets when you don’t like any of them.

No matter what you think about your life, your weight, your health, your habits…


STOP wondering what all the healthy normal women know that you don’t.
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