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I have treated thousands of PCOS women and helped them through all the complications associated with it in their future life. Like excess hair, hair loss, infertility, OHSS, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, pregnancy diabetes, infection, hypertension in pregnancy, difficult deliveries, blood clots, complicated cesareans. I realized that all these can be significantly
avoided if PCOS is reversed before trying for a baby.

As an OBGYN specialist turned Master certified Life and weight loss Coach, I focus on the four pillars outlined in the podcast series.

Women have lost weight by listening to my podcast and following my teachings. This is possible for you too.

Start with one part a day or listen to all five together. But make sure you get started with the worksheet right away. Apply the four pillars daily.

You will never be more excited to jump in and start than you are in this red hot moment. Use that momentum to reverse your PCOS.

Part 1- Why is PCOS a problem?

Part 2- Benefits of reversing PCOS

Part 3- How to reverse PCOS?

Part 4- Body image in PCOS

Part 5- PCOS life

Want Support Now?


If at any point you think you won’t be able to do it alone. The whole process overwhelms you. Don’t worry. I got you.

In that case, you need a coach’s support, who can overlook your entire weight loss journey [including the emotional struggle] until you get your result